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Dayspring Outreach Ministries

Dayspring Outreach was founded in 1987, as a not for profit Missouri based organization, to minister to the lost in Mexico. It is a tax exempt organization under 501 (c) (3) of the internal revenue code.   It is legally registered with the government of Mexico under the name of El Camino de la Biblia. The vision and work of Dayspring Outreach is divided into four main areas: Humanitarian, Teaching, Evangelism, and Church Building and Management.

  • Humanitarian: Each year, thousands of pounds of food and clothing are passed out through this ministry to those in need. We use the items as a tool of evangelism and all items are administrated through the native pastors and the churches. In addition to the food and clothing, we also provide Christmas to thousands of children. Each child receives a toy, a bag of treats and a package of school and personal hygiene items. The gifts are passed out during the week of Christmas and New Year at the conclusion of the special services we have in each of the churches. The majority of the children in the area around each church attend. 
  • Teaching: One of the greatest needs on the foreign field is training for the native workers. Throughout the year we teach and minister to our native leaders and workers. Our Mexican youth groups work with us through the year in the crusades and other evangelistic services. In Mexico, most churches have a large number of youth and young adults with a calling for ministry on their lives. Very few though, will enter into ministry because of the lack of quality training. Although there are several bible schools in the area, none of them offer actual hands on training in the various aspects of real life ministry. The young people graduate from the schools with a knowledge of the Bible and doctrine, but do not have any idea how to pastor, evangelize, or do the work of the ministry. For this reason we are began the Discipleship Missionary Training Program The DMT program provides an opportunity for Mexican young adults to study together in a cross cultural setting with American students and receive  "hands on" mission and ministry training.  After completion of the classroom portion each student is placed in real life ministry under the guidance of seasoned pastors and missionaries.  The training center is located at our bible school facility near Monterrey, Mexico.  The outreach portion of the training may take place in any of the locations that Dayspring is currently working in.
  • Evangelism: Our evangelic crusades in the spring, summer and fall continue to plant new churches. As trained personnel are produced in the school we will continue to expand into the areas not yet reached by the Gospel of Christ. Our evangelistic team is made up of the youth from several of our churches. They provide the music, counselors, ushers, and ministry to the children. In most of our crusades we have special crusades for the children at the same time.
  • Church Building: As new areas are reached, Dayspring works together with the growing congregation to build a worship facility.  Often the building projects involve American work teams.  The American teams working together with their Mexican brothers will put up a basic structure.  The local congregation will have the opportunity to complete the structure as they grow and take ownership in their own place of worship.
  • Management: Dayspring works toward placing every work and ministry into native hands and works together with the native church and leaders to provide guidance and training.  El Camino de la Biblia was formed as a native run national organization to network together with Dayspring and assure each of the churches and pastors become all that God intends for them to be.

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