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Posted by Roger on March 07, 2017
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Hello again, this is Dennis. We are still down here in Oaxaca working on Old Soyaltepec Island. We are working with Pastor Pascual and he will be coming to the island every week to do church services in the church on the Dayspring property. Javier will be having weekly services as well at his house at the top of the mountain. We will have both services on different days, so that we can attend both. Meanwhile we have been visiting and evangelizing on the trails on the lower part of the island and letting everyone know about our first service next Tuesday here with Pastor Pascual. Javier is doing the same on the top, but we still don’t know which day we will have services up there. They are harvesting their corn, so it might be every other week at first.
Image may contain: tree, sky, house, plant, outdoor and nature Also, we tore down one of the cabins this past week. It was partially fallen down and the floor was unsafe, so we hired some neighbors to come over and take it down one day. Right now we are at Pastor Pascual’s house in Chiltepec. I need a couple days to get the money from the ATM to start rebuilding the floor. We have another neighbor who is very good with concrete and he’s going to do our new floor. We are rebuilding the cabin in the same spot, but it’ll be a little bigger and have a concrete floor this time instead of wood. It is on a steep hillside, so we originally built it with a raised wooden floor back in 2008 so that we wouldn’t have to excavate the hillside. The new floor will also be raised and when it’s done we’ll be ready to build the cabin itself and then the thatch roof. When that’s all done we have some more projects to follow. The other cabin is good, but it needs a new palm thatch roof. The bathroom needs some work and we need to raise the kitchen roof so I don’t bang my head on it anymore every morning.
Coming up at the beginning of March we are heading north to visit family and some Pastors in Veracruz & Hidalgo. Also I am taking Laurita to Monterrey for her visa appointment at the US Consulate. Hopefully she will be able to visit America finally, so we appreciate y’all’s prayers that it goes well and they grant her a visa. Roger has a group coming to do a work project at the orphanage around that time, so we may be helping with that and then we will come back down here and keep on rollin’ with this island ministry in Oaxaca.
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, food and indoorI will keep on posting pictures and information when I can. There are new pictures on our Facebook pages showing the cabin coming down and a few other things from this past week and you can see those along with this newsletter at;; Also Stephanie, Ashlynn, Yared & Dani (All DMT students from last year) are currently working at our mission in Doctor Arroyo and you can follow them at the Dayspring Outreach in Dr Arroyo Facebook page at may contain: 7 people, people standing, child, tree, outdoor and nature

Dios les bendiga
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Changes on the Island

Posted by Roger on March 07, 2017
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Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, sky, ocean, mountain, outdoor, water and natureHi everyone, this is Dennis and I wanted to give a quick update. Right now Laurita, Nelly, Areli, Javier, Elda, our kids & I (we were the DMT staff last year, remember?) are in the state of Oaxaca working with the Mazateco Indians on Old Soyaltepec Island. Areli’s father Pastor Pascual is one of our Pastors down here and he has been working with the Chinanteco Indians for many years. We are working with him to build up the church on the island. I will be posting on the DMT Blog on our website when I can throughout this year. I will also be posting pictures when I can on our Facebook pages at Dayspring Outreach Ministries; missionary training; Isla Soyaltepec Dayspring Mission; Dayspring Outreach in Dr Arroyo.

Thanks for following us and I’ll be back when I can (we don’t have internet on the island).

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