Dale and Wendy Achey

Dale began his journey in ministry almost 40 years ago, after quitting his job as a machinist.  He has served as a missionary to the Cree Indians in Canada and served as pastor for three different congregations in the United States.  He has worked in Christian education in two different states and in children’s homes and other missionary works in Mexico in the border region.

Wendy was born and raised near the southern Mexican city of Tuxtepec, Oaxaca.  She moved to Reynosa many years ago where Dale and her met and were later married.  Together, they have five children and one grandchild Their two sons still live at home in Reynosa.

 Dale and Wendy started Open Heart ministries in one of the poorest colonies of Reynosa.  They continue to live in the same colony in spite of the current drug cartel related violence.  Open Heart Ministries is a program that impacts children living in the poorest of conditions.  They provide food both spiritual and physical food to those children that otherwise might end up in the gangs or other destructive lifestyles.  Through the children, they are also able to impact the parents and their entire neighborhood with the love of Christ.  Together Dale and Wendy are changing the world one child at a time.

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