2015 Joel and Ruth family

Joel and Ruth Miller and Caleb and Jared

     Joel and Ruthy come from very different backgrounds and cultures, but they both have a love for God and the work that He is doing in Mexico. Joel Miller, from Ohio, first came to Mexico through the RAD (Reaching and Discipling) short-term missions training program in 2002 (also when he first met Ruthy). He was a DMT student in 2004 and that fall he decided to work full-time with Dayspring.

     Ruthy Tovar Camarillo is from Nuevo León, Mexico, where her parents currently pastor a church and a few missions. In 2007 she was a student of the DMT program located in her hometown of La Haciendita. Ruthy and Joel were married in October 2009 and now have two boys, Caleb (4) and Jared (21 months).

     They currently are working with Ruthy's parents in their church and the DMT program. They thank God for sustaining them and giving them the grace to continue to work in the country they both love. They also are very thankful for their financial supporters and those who continue to pray for them and their ministry in Mexico.

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