Is the Lord prompting you to make foreign missions a life choice?

Are you ready to take the next step?

We will access you gifts and abilities to find a place where you will be blessed and fulfilled as you touch lives on the field.  You can choose to work in one of our border sites or in the interior of the country.

The basic requirements for a full time missionary with Dayspring are:

  • A strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ and agreement with our statement of faith and mission statement. Those can be found at mission and belief . We desire that our applicants have lived a Christian life for more than two years, have an active relationship with a home church and have demonstrated maturity in their Christian walk. We would visit with your pastor and other references concerning this.

  • Mission training, either in our own mission training school or a comparable program. Training in Spanish of some form in order to establish fluency in the language in a short time after arrival in the country. Those who don't already speak Spanish, can meet this requirement by attending two semesters of intensive language training at a language school on the border or through immersion training with a Dayspring missionary or other Dayspring program.

  • An internship working under the supervision of a Dayspring missionary when you first arrive to live on the field.

  • You must raise your own support for your personal living expenses on the field. Dayspring does not pay salaries or wages. We will help you make an annual budget based on your personal obligations and the cost of living in the area in which you will be working and give you training and assistance in the fund raising procedures. (This is the process that most people fear the most, but we will help you through it and you will find it is an exciting time of sharing and growth in preparation for going to the field)

  • We ask for a commitment of a minimum of three years. This is usually not a problem for our missionaries, since most come to stay.


To take the next step

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